Avoid plastic ID cards and go digital.

PhotoCard Digital ID cards provide a cost-effective way for people to prove their membership. Members can display a photo identification card directly from their phone.  Once saved, they just tap an icon on their phone to display their PhotoCard ID. It even works when the phone doesn’t have a data plan or isn't connected to the internet.

You’re in control. PhotoCard is integrated with the Sporty.co.nz platform, making it easy for you to display a web input form for member registrations and renewals. Member data is stored securely in your online database. So it’s easy for you to update someone’s details or photo online, and their PhotoCard will automatically update.

You can simply tick a checkbox to enable or disable the membership card for any person in their database. This is most commonly done annually. You can use any existing database (for example, this season’s players) and also create a database of other members if you wish, such as parents and supporters.

Your PhotoCard automatically formats with your club/school name and logo. It can even include a unique bar code for each member that can be scanned or linked to a POS system if you wish.